Wednesday, 25 May 2016

More Bullshit, Lies, and Abuse from the Social Security Administration and Their Handlers Outside the United States

Scrivo, Francesco - FSP Naples

6:31 PM (14 hours ago)
to BucharestFBUmeBryanShelia
Dear Mr. Ketchum,

We understand your concerns and I will try to address all the issues raised.

In reference to the type of services offered overseas there are of course limitations, we try to offer the best possible customer service to all our clients but there are certain international rules and policies that we must abide by.  For instance there are no resident medical staff within any US Embassies and Consulates therefore we must rely on local practitioners to assist with any type of medical requests (OPM. Veterans, SSA and any other Federal paying agency we represent).  Also note that even though SSA fully reimburses the cost of the medical examinations, it will depend on the type of agreement with the medical facility if they charge the Embassy directly or the patient.

You were also inquiring about the possibility of undergoing your examination at the M-K Army base, once again that is not a viable option since access to Army, Navy or any military installation is strictly restricted to active duty members or military retiree and in any case we, Department of State, have no control or authority over Department of Defense rules and regulations.

Finally to respond to some of your technical questions, please note that your prior disability entitlement terminated 04/2009 due to medical improvement, since you have now filed a new application we need to look at a new period of disability not what you claimed in past applications and that is the reason why our SSA examiners are requesting additional medical evidence.  Back in 2009 when SSA informed you of your Disability termination, you were granted appeal rights as per current laws and regulations, since the time frame to appeal that decision is past due, even if SSA finds you Disabled, benefits would only be paid for the current period not from 2009.  Lastly, Disability benefits convert to Retirement benefits at Full Retirement Age (in your case 66 and 6 months, 05/2024).

In conclusion, let me assure you that we are all trying to assist you the best we can, and based on the above response, the only way we can expedite your case is for you to undergo the required medical examination.  We are also trying to see if it would be possible for us to charge the medical provider directly in order to alleviate you from the economic burden, but can’t promise we can, as I stated before it depends on the facility.  Please let us know when we can schedule the examination so that our colleagues in Bucharest can take the proper steps to schedule you appointments.

Thank you.

Operations Supervisor
Federal Benefits Unit, Naples, Italy
+39-081 5838286 (Office)

 Dear Mr. Knouse, Ms. Ryan, and Whomever This May Concern at both ACS in Bucharest and FBU Naples,

Just letting everyone know as follows:

I just a few minutes ago was contacted by a woman from the American Citizen Services section of the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest while I was on the street in a vehicle. Less than 30 minutes prior to that, when I checked my mail box (located just outside my home on the street here in Merei), I found a letter dated 13 May 2016 from the U.S. Embassy regarding this subject. By my math, it took the Romanian post office 12 days to get a letter to me from Bucharest, which, by the looks of it was opened by someone prior to it's delivery to me and then taped-up and delivered now.

As to the phone call from the Embassy, I was informed that the Embassy has NO RESIDENT MEDICAL STAFF and that The Embassy intended to schedule me for several (I take that to mean maybe 3) examinations, including, but not limited to a full physical examination, and a full "mental health" examination.

Having had BOTH many times in the past, I am not sure that these can be accomplished with the period of a single day. However, two (2) other aspects of this communication are important: 1. The lady said I will have to pay for the costs of these examinations out of my own pocket, up-front, and wait for reimbursement at some future time and 2. the examination(s), themselves, are to be conducted by a private company in Bucharest with (as far as I can tell) no ideas what Social Security expects in an examination, whether physical or mental.

Making me pay for any examinations, up-front, is an unreasonable financial burden, since I have nothing to live on other than my OPM monthly disability benefit.

I am also concerned about my health and safety for any such examinations which are not conducted by US personnel, on US government property in this country since it is now widely reported in the news media that products and procedures used in Romanian health facilities are not only not clean, but, in many cases, convey serious bacteriological agents and other pathogens for those who come to them for even routine medical care. Just two days ago, the head of one of the companies selling fraudulent cleaning products to hospitals committed suicide after a huge scandal.

I regard being subjected to unsafe conditions for a series of medical examinations to be an avoidable danger, which could be remedied easily by conducting said examinations at a US Embassy-controlled site, under the direct supervision of US medical and/or mental health professionals, such as those known to be employed by the US Public Health Service and others, known to be in the direct employ of the State Department in Romania.

As additional information, I would point-out that a full US medical staff and facility exists at the M-K air base, near Constanta. I would be available and amenable to having whatever examinations may be required of me by the Social Security Administration at a facility such as that and hereby request such an\reasonable accommodation.

The broad picture includes certain unchangeable other facts: 1. The three screws in my left shoulder remain and prevent most of the mobility in my left shoulder, 2. my right shoulder remains injured from an injury suffered in 2008 here in Romania, 3. I remain with high blood pressure problems, along with pronounced hearing loss on both ears, which evidenced itself recently in a US Federal medical facility in North Carolina as vertigo. These real and well-documented medical problems do not even touch the alleged mental health issues which led a Federal Judge to conclude in 2012 that I was "incompetent", within the meaning of 18 USC 4241. The latter led to my release from custody and a dismissal of whatever charges had been pending against me at the time. All of this is a public record.

Having said all the above, you will all appreciate it if I ask just what do you think had changed that would cause a medical professional think that I either am or might be "recovered" and/or otherwise "not 100% disabled" within the meaning of the law as it applies to Social Security Disability Benefits determination?

While I do not, by this email, refuse to attend any such examination(s) at a private facility as was first proposed on the phone less than an hour ago, I would feel a lot better about my health and safety if I could be examined by US doctors as I was both when I first applied in 2003 and when I reapplied in 2012 for reinstatement of my Social Security Disability benefits, when they had been wrongfully terminated in 2009 after asking for an examination not at all unlike what we are discussing in the instant case.

When it is all said and done, I am still owed back-benefits all the way back to the date in 2009, when I was not examined here in Romania when I offered to be (through the office of Mississippi Senator Thad Cochran) in response to a demand that I return to Mississippi for an examination when all parties knew that I was in Romania and that such a "demand" was, on the face of it, unreasonable.

I have already done what was asked of me, when it was asked. Of course, I am NOT refusing to do it again, if actually necessary. But, I think reasonable people might see it my way and think that this process has, up to now, been both abusive, unreasonable, and altogether uncalled-for. I think most people would say, "just put the guy back on his benefits like you already agreed to last time and leave the guy alone after that".

On November 25, 2019 (just three and a half years from now) I will be 62. By then both SSA and OPM will convert my retirement from disability retirement to regular retirement. Therefore, whatever you subject me to now, in the way of "examinations", should, in all likelihood be the very last ones I will ever require to satisfy the US government of my condition.

Thank you all, in advance, for your consideration, understanding, and otherwise, prompt, correct action in this matter.


Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr.

While this response is specifically directed to "Francesco Scrivo", I invite Bryan Knouse, Shiela Ryan and Karen Sullivan to jump in at any time and help this person understand the history of this particular case..

Mr. Scriva,

While I thank you for the promptness of your response, I take exception to your assertion that my termination of benefits in 2009 was the result of "medical improvement", along with some of your other claims about my case.

This is a gross misrepresentation of the truth, and the paper trail (and email trail) which preceded the decision to terminate those benefits in 2009 clearly shows that the Social Security Office in Tupelo, Mississippi said, on paper (and in emails, copies of which have already been furnished to your office and many others involved in this continuing saga), that failure to attend the examination in Mississippi was the reason for termination of benefits - not something else.

I still have the letters that say this, so, like I said, you have, as an absolute minimum, been misinformed. Further, if, as you say, I had "appeal rights", then I have to ask you how they apply to an unrepresented claimant who the courts have found to be "incompetent". Put another way, U.S. District Court Judge Michael Mills said I was not able to represent myself or assist my own defense. Accordingly, "appeal rights" (if any) delivered to an unrepresented, incompetent claimant, have to be legally meaningless.

Clearly, the conditions existed prior to 2009 and continued afterwards. If I had "medical improvement" as you claim, then my OPM disability benefits would have been terminated as well. This is further substantiated by the fact that, after 27 months of wrongful Federal custody, during which I was medically and psychologically evaluated at least three (3) times, generating detailed reports which were furnished to US District Court Chief Judge Michael Mills for action. Again, EVERY REPORT documented my claims of, as a minimum, psychological disability, and each noted the additional physical handicaps I was existing under. The record also clearly shows that within days of my release from custody, I took all the documents to the Social Security Office in Tupelo and renewed my request for reinstatement of benefits back to 2009..something the law clearly allows (three years of back benefits based on documented, pre-existing disability). Accordingly, you are, again, in error when you say that any such benefits are, somehow, no going to include anything prior to this most recent attempt to get the Social Security Administration to treat my 2012 reapplication  with the legal respect to which it both was and is entitled, instead of acting to "diss" it by scheduling me, again, to attend a Mississippi examination when I was a legal permanent resident of Romania.

Obviously, since you say I have to pay for whatever you schedule from my own pocket, then I will need money to do that. I normally get my OPM disability benefit payment on or about the 1st of every calendar month. Accordingly, if you plan to schedule me for something that I must pay for myself, it is best for me for you to do it as soon as possible after I get paid, but not so much later that I will have already spent it all on the necessities of life.

Hopefully, this response will help you in dealing with timely and correctly processing my case.


Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr.

Monday, 4 January 2016

Request for Congressional Inquiry and update on Social Security Disability Application

Request for Congressional Inquiry and update on Social Security Disability Application
Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr. <>
"Burnette, Brandy" <>
"Sullivan, Karen" <>,
|FBU Naples <>
Mon, Jan 4, 2016 at 1:49 PM
Request for Congressional Inquiry and update on Social Security Disability Application

Dear Ms. Burnette,

Please consider that this letter is also directed to Congressman Kelly. As such, I respectfully request that you relay a copy of it, forthwith, to the Congressman.

Dear Congressman Kelly,

My name is Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr., I am a 58 year old registered Republican, who recently voted by absentee ballot in the race for the Mississippi governorship.

My social security number is 426-11-9185 and date of birth is November 25, 1957. I am registered to vote at the address indicated on my current Mississippi DL (number 802537950), the address being: 178 CR 1389, Saltillo, MS 38866.

Back in the Middle of the summer of 2015, I completed a re-application, of a Social Security Disability Benefit, for which I had been receiving benefits from 2004, through 2009, and for which I had re-applied in person in December 2012 at the Tupelo SSA Office on Saddle Creek Road in Tupelo.

The benefits were interrupted in 2009 because I was instructed to return to Tupelo from my overseas residence and family in Romania and, when I asked for a very reasonable accommodation such as having an exam at the US Embassy in Bucharest my benefits were summarily terminated and I reverted to 100% dependence on my OPM disability benefit, which is considerably less than what I was entitled to with the combined opm/ssa disability formula normally employed in circumstances such as mine.

Similarly, in 2012, when I had occasion to personally appear in Tupelo, with very recent and thorough US government physical examinations in hand, I was scheduled by the officer in Tupelo for yet another exam, for a date a month after I had re-applied. Due to financial constraints and family responsibilities in Romania, I had to return to Romania before i could appear for the rather unnecessary, and, I believe, abusively scheduled, examination in Tupelo.

My re-application languished in neglect and, only after diligent search and inquiry did I discover that an online process was now available for people like me and so, I re-applied yet again in July of 2015.

Soon after the FBU Officer in Naples worked-up my package, she informed me that it appeared that I was most probably entitled to "back benefits", dating all the way back to when I was abusively cut-off in 2009.

We're talking about an amount, well over $100,000.00, 60% of which will get refunded to OPM for having to "carry the water" for SSA in my case for all this time.

I waited, patiently, for a protracted period, then I communicated with your staff, asking formally, for your help in this matter, still back in the summer of 2015.

Ms. Burnette has been most patient and helpful with me, not only with this issue, for for her assistance with getting my absentee ballot in time for the recent November election for governor. 

The people at Social Security in Tupelo, however, have, seemingly, continued to drag their heels in my case.

My problem is this: When I was first granted ssa disability benefits, it was on appeal from an initial denial from the people in Mississippi who's job it is to decide these things. To accomplish that. I actually had to get a written decision in my hand, upon which I could base my appeal to the people in Maryland.

Your staff will surely confirm to you that there has been NO DECISION OF ANY KIND forthcoming from SSA with respect to my case. For me, this sort of wait (getting on to be 6 months now) simply reflects more abuse and neglect from the SSA folks in Mississippi.

With all the documentation provided (both in quality and quantity), a POSITIVE decision, together with a VERY SUBSTANTIAL "BACK BENEFITS" CHECK, should have gotten to me long before Thanksgiving 2015. After all, it's not like they have not already approved me before and , this time, I have even have a Federal Judge weighing in on whether or not I am disabled, within the meaning of the law (i.e. Michael P. Mills).

In any case, I should have gotten something from these people, even if it were a "no". At least I could file an appeal and go from there. However, in the situation I remain, I am getting a "functional no", that does not lend itself to any sort of appeal.


Again, my ssn is 426-11-1985. Date of birth is November 25, 1957 and my SSA-issued application status control number is 15354239.

Thanking you, in advance, for your prompt and effective actions on my behalf in this matter, I remain,


Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr.

Tuesday, 15 December 2015

Update on Complaint (to 5th U.S. Federal Appeals Court) regarding Chief Judge Michael P. Mills of Northern District of Mississippi

I guess they REALLY don't want ANYONE other than the Chief Judge to hear about judicial misconduct. Anyone who ever feels mistreated by a Judge in the 5th Circuit in the future needs to keep this in mind. The note I got implies "or else". What it DOES NOT SAY is "or else WHAT". Anyway, I won't be intimidated or silenced. This is NOT OVER unless or until these issues are addressed, legally, and in a way that inspires public confidence in the rule of law, both EQUALLY AND FOR ALL.

8:38 PM (9 hours ago)
to me
Dear Mr. Ketchum:

Please be advised that only Chief Judge Stewart is authorized to review your judicial misconduct complaint. In accordance with the Rules For Judicial-Conduct and Judicial-Disability Proceedings, you must transmit all complaint-related correspondence to the Chief Judge via the Clerk.

Please be advised further that generally all complaint-related correspondence must be sent by regular mail but, given that you are in Romania, you may contact me at this email address if you require any further information about the judicial misconduct complaint process. 

Do not, under any circumstances, send correspondence directly to the Chief Judge, to any other circuit, district, or magistrate judge of this Circuit, or to other court personnel. 

Your sincerely,

Shelley Saltzman
Deputy Clerk

Monday, 14 December 2015

Complaint (To 5th U.S. Federal Court Circuit) of Judicial Misconduct By Chief Judge Michael P. Mills, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Mississippi

Emailed on 12-14-2015 to the following:

From: "Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr." <>
To: grady_jolly <>, leslie_southwick <>, james_graves <>, rhesa_barksdale <>,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
Cc: "" <>, "" <>
Date: Mon, 14 Dec 2015 14:00:15 +0200
Subject: Complaint of Judicial Misconduct By Chief Judge Michael P. Mills, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Mississippi
Attachments area
Preview attachment noname
Your Honors, Other Interested Parties, Ladies and Gentperform other acts in order to further this claim, I hereby request assistance and instructions for doing so as needed.

I have documentary and other evidence which will substantiate my claims that Chief Judge Michael P. Mills displayed misconduct in handling my protracted illegal custody within the Northern District of Miss

Your Honors, Other Interested Parties, Ladies and Gentlemen,

By this email, I am writing to you and each of you in an effort to initiate a formal complaint against Chief Judge Michael P. Mills of the Northern District of Mississippi for “judicial misconduct”, within the meaning of the applicable rules and statutes. If I am required to perform other acts in order to further this claim, I hereby request assistance and instructions for doing so as needed.

I have documentary and other evidence which will substantiate my claims that Chief Judge Michael P. Mills displayed misconduct in handling my protracted illegal custody within the Northern District of Mississippi, which, among other things violated one or more of the following:

(h) Misconduct. Cognizable misconduct: (1) is conduct prejudicial to the effective and expeditious administration of the business of the courts. Misconduct includes, but is not limited to: (A) using the judge's office to obtain special treatment for friends or relatives; (B) accepting bribes, gifts, or other personal favors related to the judicial office; (C) having improper discussions with parties or counsel for one side in a case; (D) treating litigants or attorneys in a demonstrably egregious and hostile manner; (E) engaging in partisan political activity or making inappropriately partisan statements; (F) soliciting funds for organizations; or (G) violating other specific, mandatory standards of judicial conduct, such as those pertaining to restrictions on outside income and requirements for financial disclosure. (2) is conduct occurring outside the performance of official duties if the conduct might have a prejudicial effect on the administration of the business of the courts, including a substantial and widespread lowering of public confidence in the courts among reasonable people.

More specifically, he held me in custody from August 3, 2012 through and including December 12, 2012, in a manner which, according to his statements from the bench, violated my civil rights.
Furthermore, Judge Mills, completely disregarded 5th Circuit controlling case law by attempting to have me sent back to Butner FMC for another “danger study”, after qualified personnel at Butner FMC  had already declined to issue a “dangerousness certificate” in my case, as I was held by them to be “not dangerous”. As such, Judge Mills, abused his discretion and completely held the 5th Circuit law in contempt. He did so in a manner completely consistent with previously evidenced egregiously hostile behavior toward me as a “party” in a criminal proceeding.

Having done all of this, he, thereafter found me to be “incompetent”, based on “evidence” which the Social Security Administration has FAILED AND REFUSED to find me “incompetent”, to date.

Accordingly, Judge Mills abused his position, disregarded my constitutional rights to due process and, when it was all said and done, had me thrown out into the street almost 7,000 miles from where I was illegally arrested and kidnapped from in the first place (from my wife and family in Romania), WITHOUT SO MUCH AS A PLANE TICKET, PASSPORT, OR ANY MEANS OF SUPPORT WITH WHICH TO BE RETURNED TO MY PLACE OF ARREST.

I am asking you and each of you to address these concerns with Judge Mills. The way I see it, if I am “incompetent” as Judge Mills says, then Social Security, looking at the same evidence, should have reached the same conclusion. Since they (Social Security) seem to be unwilling to see things the way Judge Mills does, then I suggest that the Court undo the damage they have done to me with my fraudulent arrest, kidnapping, illegal imprisonment and fraudulent classification as having some king of mental illness or mental defect, when the "experts"  at the Social Security Administration Disability Determination Office in Tupelo seem to see things with me quite differently.
I get the impression that Judge Mills is trying to "have it both ways" with me. For me, fairness dictates that I am either disabled or I am NOT disabled. If I am NOT disabled, the Judge Mills violated my civil rights, including the right to a jury trial and the possibility of acquittal with a clean name. If I really am disabled, then you will understand my puzzlement with the Social Security people failing to come up with the same judgement that Judge Mills did when they looked at EXACTLY THE SAME "EVIDENCE".

Several weeks ago, I asked Judge Mills politely to address these matters, to no apparent avail. Having exhausted all lesser means of redress, I must raise these matters with you all now and ask for you to act on my behalf.

PACER records document nearly everything I complain about here. However, I will make available any other records in my possession or control in the event that they are required in order to resolve this matter.
Case: 1:06-cr-00051-MPM-DAS is the case number in the Northern District of Mississippi. The case is actually styled "United States of America vs. Thomas Lowell Ketchum". I was never actually indicted in my name and this fatal defect was NEVER corrected. For the record, my name is THOMAS LOWELL KETCHUM, JR..
Thanking you and each of you, in advance, for any assistance you may provide to me, I am,

Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr.

5:47 PM (14 hours ago)
to me

Dear Mr. Ketchum:

Lyle W. Cayce, Clerk of Court, has asked me provide you with information about the judicial misconduct complaint procedure.

Below is the link to the Fifth Circuit website's judicial misconduct rules page where you will find both the Fifth Circuit's version
of the Rules (without commentary), and the national version (with commentary).

A copy of a complaint form is attached to both versions of the Rules. 

Please note that because complaints must include an original "blue signature", we cannot accept complaints filed by email
or facsimile. Please mail or hand-deliver your signed complaint to:

        US Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit
        600 S. Maestri Place
        New Orleans, LA 70130-3408

Please mark the envelope: "Complaint of Misconduct" or "Complaint of Disability".

Yours sincerely

Shelley Saltzman 

 Dear Ms. Saltzman,

Thanks for the prompt reply, along with the instructions.

I will print my complaint and get it in the mail right away. 

Since I am sending it from Romania, it should take about two (2) weeks to get to address you specified..

I will also post all this traffic on my blog in order to publicly document every aspect of this complaint and how it gets handled by the 5th Circuit.

Merry Christmas to all.

Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr.

Tuesday, 27 October 2015

Letter To Michael P. Mills, Chief Judge, U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Mississippi

Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr.

2:13 PM (6 minutes ago)
to jmills, bcc: tom, bcc: tomlevidiotis, bcc: John, bcc: paul.roberts, bcc: felicia.adams, bcc: Sallie_Wilkers.
Dear Judge Mills,

It has been well more than 2 years since you dismissed the case against me based on your finding that I was allegedly "incompetent", "unrestoreable to competency" and "not a danger to the person or property of others", based on the "evidence", including allegedly "expert" witness testimony given by a variety of Psychiatrists and Psychologists employed by the U.S. Department of Justice.

You need to know that, based on your "findings" with respect to my mental state and, armed with printed copies of the various USDOJ reports upon which you seem to have relied in reaching your "findings" concerning me, I REAPPLIED to the Social Security Administration for REINSTATEMENT of my Social Security Disability Benefits, which had been previously interrupted in 2009, when I was required to visit a doctor in Mississippi instead of being offered an accommodation of seeing a doctor in Romania, to be proctored by a representative of the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest.

Had my benefits been reinstated as requested, based on the documentary evidence provided to the Tupelo Office at the time, I would have been given a back-benefits award which would have made me whole for the entire time since 2009 when I was abusively cut-off last time. Moreover, I would have continuously gotten benefits in addition to the OPM disability benefits, which I have continuously gotten since they were first awarded in early 2004.

I have recently reapplied yet again for reinstatement and, I am informed and I believe, based on statements made by the Federal Benefits Unit Rep in Naples Italy that I am looking at a reinstatement with back benefits all the way back to 2009 based on the documentation provided (the aforementioned exact, same USDOJ records created pursuant to your various Court orders in my case) and the fact that, twice now, since my release by you in 2012, I am being subjected to more abusively dilatory tactics  by the Disability Determination Unit of SSA in Tupelo.

I have complained to Congressman Trent Kelly of the 1st Congressional District for help and his staff has made several inquiries into this longstanding complaint.

I tell you all of this now in order to make something clear to you: You have agreed  and "found" that I am "mentally disabled" in 2011 and again in 2012 and used that as a basis to deny me my right to a jury trial, keep me in the "mental health gulag" from March 2011, through December 12, 2012, then throw me out into the street, 7,000 miles from where I was illegally arrested in the first place. In any case, you say I am disabled. On the other hand, you have a Federal Agency, who's job it is to actually determine "disability", which seems to have difficulty, looking at the EXACT, SAME "EVIDENCE" YOU USED, to find me "disabled"  and, thereby, legally entitled to the kind of Federal Disability Benefits that a person in my position would be entitled to, under the law, if I had actually been "disabled", within the meaning of the statutes.

I have to tell you (and you should already know this from your previous experiences with me), that, if I am NOT "disabled" at SSA based on the EXACT, SAME EVIDENCE you relied on to release me in 2012, then I am going to be forced to file ANOTHER PETITION WITH THE 5TH CIRCUIT IN NEW ORLEANS, explaining, again, how (if it turns out that I am not "mentally disabled" according to a Federal Agency on this very question) you violated my rights to due process (by denying me a jury trial or the right to represent myself based on your BS "finding" that I could not represent myself.

I would add here that you even, from the bench on December 12, 2012, observed that my civil rights had been violated, as a minimum, by the continued detention of me past the date of the August 2012 hearing, where 5th Circuit Case law plainly says I should have been released on the spot.

So, the way I see it, if you find that I am and was "disabled", mentally, then SSA in Tupelo should see things they way you do and REINSTATE MY BENEFITS, RETROACTIVELY TO 2009 and pay me accordingly. If you cannot bring yourself to make them see things your way, then I have to press my claim that I was not, in fact, "mentally disabled" and that you denied me of several of my civil rights. After all, SSA is a Federal Agency and they have a lot of practice at knowing who is "disabled" and who is not.

In short, it might be worth your while to discuss my situation with the Tupelo SSA Disability Determination Services folks and make sure that you are both on the same page with respect to my situation. One thing is certain, you cannot have it BOTH WAYS. I am either "disabled" or I am not. If I am "disabled", then I am owed a lot of money from SSA. If I am NOT "disabled", then I am owed other recompense, including things like criminal record expungement and travel expenses from the Court. If the former happens, then we are DONE. If the latter happens, then, unfortunately, even though this is not my wish,  the next step must be taken in New Orleans. Believe me, this is a form of ugliness that I would much rather avoid..

It's your choice, but the longer I sit here without a decision and a check from SSA, the less I am patient and the more likely I am to take all this "indecision" from SSA as a "NO" from you, personally, forcing me to seek recourse in New Orleans and anywhere else allowed by law.

Hopefully you and I can end our dealings with one another on a happier note. In any case, the way I see it, it's all up to you at this point.


Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr.

Tuesday, 29 September 2015

Maybe It's Time To Establish A National, Uniform Voter Registration Standard

Joyce Loftin, Lee Circuit Clerk, Tupelo, MS                                                        September 24, 2015

Dear Ms. Loftin,

I, Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr. , have been a registered voter in Lee County since the early 1990's.
My DL shows an address of 178 CR 1389, Saltillo, MS 38866. The ID number is 802537950. Expiration date: 11-25-2020.
My ssan is 426-11-9185 and date of birth is November 25, 1957.
I am writing to you today because of disturbing information, which was provided to me by a web-based voter registration service. Specifically, a search by them revealed the following:

Long Distance Voter via 

Hi Thomas,
Our records show that you are NOT registered to vote.
Name: Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr.
Address: 178 County Road 1389, Saltillo MS 38866-7103
Date of birth: November 25, 1957
Until the mid-term 2010 elections, I voted in every Presidential election cycle, together with nearly all other elections, both state federal and local, but, for reasons beyond my control, I was unable to vote during the 2010, 2012, and 2014 cycles.
I have reviewed and attached for your consideration, a list of “disenfranchising crimes” provided by the MS Secretary of State:
DISENFRANCHISING CRIMES Based upon the most recent Attorney General’s Opinion dated July 9, 2009, directed to The Honorable Wallace Heggie, the following comprise disenfranchising crimes: 1. Arson 12. Obtaining Money or Goods under False Pretenses 2. Armed Robbery 13. Perjury 3. Bigamy 14. Rape 4. Bribery 15. Receiving Stolen Property 5. Embezzlement 16. Robbery 6. Extortion 17. Theft 7. Felony Bad Check 18. Timber Larceny 8. Felony Shoplifting 19. Unlawful Taking of Motor Vehicle 9. Forgery 20. Statutory Rape 10. Larceny 21. Carjacking 11. Murder 22. Larceny Under Lease or Rental Agreement
It is a fact of life that there is in NO locality of ANY state within the United States where you will find ANY felony conviction against ME, THOMAS LOWELL KETCHUM, JR..
More to the point, I suppose, is the fact that NOTHING adversely recorded anywhere in the United States, regarding ME, falls into any of the LISTED “crimes”, mentioned by the Secretary of State. Nor will anyone find that I, THOMAS LOWELL KETCHUM, JR., to be “adjudged incompetent”, within the meaning of any applicable laws regarding either voter registration, voting, or jury service. In point of fact, for many years I was a Notary Public in Lee County.
When I was in town, I voted at a fire station not far from downtown Saltillo, in Lee County.
I need for you to confirm that I remain registered to vote in Lee County and, if I am not still registered there for some reason, to provide me with instructions for re-registration while I remain, temporarily overseas.
Thank you, in advance, for your assistance and cooperation in this matter.
My right to vote is probably the most precious right I have as an American and I plan to exercise it from now on, even in the smallest of local elections.
Please take notice that, in the event that I have been illegally "purged" from the voter registration roles in Lee County, in violation of Federal law and/or the Mississippi Code, and in violation of my Constitutionally-protected Civil Rights, then I may be forced to initiate a 42 USC 1983 Federal Civil action against you in the event that you are either unable or unwilling to restore my voter registration status to “registered” and provide proof of my voter registration to me, without delay, to an absentee ballot address which I will provide to you upon request.

Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr.

Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr.

2:25 PM (1 minute ago)
to davisag2sheliaJacqueJoyce
Dear Ms. Loftin,

This will acknowledge, and thank you for, your prompt reply to me of September 25th. I do not know why you did not get my email, but I replied to you over the weekend and sent it directly to this same email address.

I have pasted the information I sent to you over the weekend, again. Hopefully, you will get it this time.

As my current, valid Mississippi Driver License reflects, I REMAIN with a PHYSICAL address of 178 CR 1389, Saltillo, MS 38866.
The ID number is 802537950. Expiration date: 11-25-2020.

My ssan is 426-11-9185 and date of birth is November 25, 1957.

From a strictly LEGAL STANDPOINT, I maintain a TEMPORARY residence outside of the United States, where I maintain my U.S. citizenship, but spend a LOT of time with my family there. For this reason, I would respectfully request that you change my MAILING ADDRESS to reflect where I spend the bulk of my time.

I already get mail from my USAA bank in Texas and my "Air Force" Magazine, together with ALL my correspondence from the Federal government (I am currently medically retired from the U.S. Postal Service) at the following address:


Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr.
Strada Principala Nr. 353
Comuna Merei, Satul Merei
(Fosta Carma)
Comuna Merei, Judetul Buzau
Code Postal: 060274

I am also registered with the U.S. Embassy in Bucharest as a U.S. citizen, TEMPORARILY RESIDING in Romania, and I have been so registered since January of 2013.

Accordingly, I would respectfully request that you update my address information to reflect that I have a PHYSICAL ADDRESS WITHIN LEE COUNTY OF 178 CR 1389, SALTILLO, MS 38866 AND A MAILING ADDRESS (AS SHOWN ABOVE) IN ROMANIA.

In the event that you require some mailing address within the United States, then I can give you the address of a close relative in another Mississippi county. However, I believe that the most reliable way to get mail to me is to send it to the address in Romania unless or until I update you differently.

I have included two (2) telephone numbers which you may use to contact me in Romania, if need be. I have shown them with everything you need to dial to reach me. For your information, the time in Romania is eight (8) hours LATER than in Mississippi.

Here are the numbers:  011-40734385288         and     011-40733181375.

Please let me know if you require any additional information or other action on my part.

Please also inform me when this matter is resolved and that my voter registration status is returned to "active".

One last thing: you might consider that you have a standing request from me to be notified by email (in addition to any regular postal mail notifications) of anything requiring my attention in your office. I also respectfully request an absentee ballot (mailed to me at my address in Romania) for any pending elections within Lee county, for any positions, whether state, local, or national.

Thanking you, again, and, in advance, for your prompt attention to these matters, I remain


Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr.
Strada Principala Nr. 353
Comuna Merei, Satul Merei
(Fosta Carma)
Comuna Merei, Judetul Buzau
Code Postal: 060274

On Mon, Sep 28, 2015 at 11:02 PM, Joyce Loftin <> wrote:
Mr. Ketchum,

Just wondering if you received my message concerning your voter status.  I have not heard from you and I e-mailed you last week.  In order to activate your voter status back to active, please get in touch with this office as we do not have your correct address and mail has been returned to this office.  I will look forward to receiving your new information so that this matter corrected.


Joyce R. Loftin
Lee County Circuit Clerk