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The U.S.Social Security Administration Is Denying Due Process To Ex-Patriots, Seemingly With The Blessing of Congress. WILL SOMEONE PLEASE CHANGE THE LAW TO CORRECT THIS PROBLEM? I CANNOT BE THE ONLY ONE THEY HAVE SCREWED LIKE THIS.

rom:Thomas Lowell Ketchum,
to:|FBU Naples <>
cc:"Ryan, Shelia" <>,
"Maness, Ted" <>,,,,,,
"Howell, Paul" <>,,,,
"" <>,
"Bucharest, FBU" <>,
"Sullivan, Karen" <>,
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date:Wed, Feb 22, 2017 at 9:29 PM
subject:Re: Request for Assistance with Social Security Disability Application

Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr.

9:29 PM (1 minute ago)
to jmillsSallie_Wilkers.|FBUSheliaTedelizabeth.parkstara.gaddiseliza.swishercharles.woodswhitney.porterPaulmichael.patter.jim.owenwilly.weddleacsbucharestFBUKaren
I need a copy of what the medical reports actually say. More to the point, I need to know precisely what the orthopedic report states. I need to have a copy of the report and of  x-rays which clearly show BOTH my shoulders are impaired to the point of near immobility.

I also need to get the appeal filed. I guess I need your help with all of this, but I cannot believe that the orthopedic report states that I am NOT disabled. The doctor clearly stated, in English and in front of my wife in the office at the time of the examination, that he could not understand how I functioned at all for the last 8 years with all the pain that he believed that I must be experiencing.

The records will tell the story. If the report that was filed says something other than what I have conveyed to you just now, then I demand another orthopedic exam from a different doctor and I want a copy of what is prepared to be handed to me BEFORE I leave the man's office.

I will pay for the exam, but I demand fairness. If I were to have visited a similar doctor in Corinth, Mississippi like I was scheduled to be long ago, there would be too many witnesses and too much paperwork to deny my disability.

X-rays do not lie. My left shoulder looks like a carpenter lost part of his toolbox there and there is enough scar tissue to equal a grapefruit in mass. The right arm is almost as bad with the scar tissue. Both are so out of whack that I have tingling in both my arms and hands along with outright loss of sensation in several fingers on both hands. All of this was discussed with the doctor in Bucharest and, along with the x-rays, that went into his report. I live on continuous pain, I cannot sleep through the night and my liver is being destroyed by the painkillers that I have been forced to consume for over 8 years now..pain killers that have a warning against their use for more than two weeks at any given stretch.

I don't wish on my worst enemy the level of pain I have to endure on a continuous basis. Medicare insurance would present an opportunity to resolve the shoulder issues surgically. The other insurance I have, taken alone, cannot. If I have no other reason for demanding disability insurance it would be for Medicare supplemental coverage.. The money I am owed would cover the plane ticket to a US Hospital and to cover my family and my other responsibilities that do not abate in my absence, should it come to that.

No competent orthopedic physician can examine me and truthfully state that I am not 100% disabled from doing useful work.

I should not have to go through this, but I must insist that you take a hand in this matter. Find what was submitted. get me a copy. If you find a report that has no x-rays with visible hardware in the picture then you have been furnished by with a LIE. Similarly, if the report on my shoulders does not mention the hardware or the clear immobility it causes, then this, too is a LIE.

I am ENTITLED to a FAIR and IMPARTIAL (and TRUTHFUL) examination and evaluation. If I get one, finally, I am confident that I will be granted disability benefits.

In any case, I DEMAND A HEARING before an Administrative Law Judge. I insist on my constitutional right to have a mechanism to compel the production of documents and examine witness involved in my disability determination, including, but not ,limited to, the doctor(s) and any other persons whose input led to the report which is the subject of both the hearing I have requested and in the determination of the disability benefits that I have requested.

I intend to NEVER give up until my benefits are granted, since I am informed and I believe that my fact/circumstances warrant their approval in my case.e this. I expect to have to try and deal with his in Federal Court before this is over. No Problem. I am going to be heard.

To that end, I intend to make a very big and public deal about what has happened to me up to know and, as they said in the Declaration of Independence, when discussing " a long Train of Abuses and Usurpations, pursuing invariable the same Object..", went on to say: "To prove this, let Facts be submitted to a candid world.".

Translation: I intend to keep and publish a very detailed blog and post whatever happens to me, bad or good, on Facebook.

One day, if this is not finally resolved in my favor as is only fair and proper, someone will pass a law that makes sure that "the next guy" will have the satisfaction that I have now been denied for years: To have real recourse against those who would falsify records just to deny people their rights under the law.

Anyway, we shall see what happens now.

You have my requests and I await your responses.

On Tue, Feb 21, 2017 at 4:53 PM, |FBU Naples <> wrote:
Dear Mr. Ketchum,

The denial letter may have mislead you, but I have personally verified our records and all the information the Naples technician asked you to submit (including your consent form) were submitted to SSA and are in our archives.  Specifically, when you filed your reconsideration you did not submit any “new” and material evidence to support your request, therefore SSA made a decision based on what we already had on file (including the medical reports from the Romanian doctors).

Also note that SSA needs to make a special determination before releasing medical record since there are specific rules that need to followed in the FOIA and Privacy Act ( ).

As stated in my prior email, we will be happy to assist you in filing an  appeal so please let us know and we will schedule a call with you.


Federal Benefits Unit, Naples, Italy
+39-081 5838111 (Opt. 4) (Office)

Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr.

to SheliaBryanFrancesco|FBUKarenFBUacsbucharest
Dear Congressman Kelly,                                                                                             September 16, 2016
I am writing to you today as a follow-up to your earlier actions, taken on my behalf, with the Social Security Administration in connection with my most recent difficulties with the processing of my most recent Social Security Disability claim, filed in June of 2015.
As I am sure your records reflect in this matter, my claim has experienced an unusually difficult and unnecessarily protracted handling, dating all the way back to the beginning of these difficulties when my claim was originally interrupted in early 2009 for alleged failure to attend a required physical examination in Mississippi while I resided in Romania.
As you well know, I was involuntarily taken to the United States for a series of physical and mental examinations at various Federal Medical Centers from 2011-2012, after which a Federal District Court Judge found me to be “mentally disabled” to the point where he felt I could not represent myself in court or otherwise answer for a series of fraudulent allegations (which he ultimately dismissed) being made against me at the time.
As you also know, in 2012, just days after my release in December, I re-applied for SSA Disability benefits at the Tupelo Office and was, again, scheduled for an “examination” the following January, which I could not attend in Mississippi since I had my wife and other family obligations in Romania. In spite of the fact that I once again asked for an examination to be conducted in Romania, nothing happened and my application languished until mid-2015, when I discovered that SSA now might actually accommodate US citizens with disabilities who reside overseas.
As you know, I re-applied online at the time and submitted documentation which proved my claims about being wrongfully thrown off benefits in 2009, along with the failure to again accommodate my request for examinations in Romania in 2012. I also re-submitted the substantial documentary evidence supporting the Federal Judicial finding that I had a mental disability, within the meaning of the definitions set forth in the many applicable SSA regulations.
After a long period, I was finally scheduled for a series of examinations in June 2016 (a year after my most recent re-application), which I attended, with a witness (my wife). As an absolute minimum, we were informed by the Orthopedic Surgeon who examined me that I was completely disabled with respect to both my shoulders, in addition to whatever else may have been found at the time to be wrong with me. He based this finding on the many x-rays and other evidence presented during his examination of me on the second of two days of physical and mental examinations paid for by the U.S. State Department.
In spite of all this, I got a DENIAL of benefits letter from SSA in August of 2016, which I appealed within days, since the stated basis for the denial included OBVIOUSLY INACCURATE INFORMATION, including, but not limited to things like the dates of disability or any recognition of the weight of the judical finding of disability by a sitting federal Judge.
When I appealed, I was advised to re-submit a “medical information release form” by mail or by personal delivery to Baltimore. Since I still reside in Romania, I mailed it nearly two (2) weeks ago.
Now, it is important to know that I have no new medical or psychiatric information to submit and said so in the appeal. Further, SSA already has in it's possession all the records earlier submitted, ALONG WITH PREVIOUSLY EXECUTED MEDICAL INFORMATION RELEASE FORMS, covering exactly the same information addressed in the appeal.
In spite of this, the SSA website shows that my “processing” has been held-up over “failure to release requested medical information”.
As I said earlier, there is NO NEW MEDICAL INFORMATION TO BE RELEASED. Furthermore, even though I have already executed at least one medical information release form which covers all medical records, I HAVE SENT ANOTHER FORM BY MAIL TO BALTIMORE.
I am asking you and your office to intervene in this situation on my behalf and have an Administrative Law judge at SSA “take Judicial notice” of the previous finding by US Federal District Court Judge Michael P. Mills of his finding that I have a “mental disability” within the meaning of SSA rules and, forthwith, award my disability, along with back benefits permitted by law, which go all the way back to the three (3) years pre-dating my 2012 reapplication for benefits, which was timely made and documented in 2012.
To the most casual observer, it will seem painfully obvious that the handling of my case has been, up to now, either grossly incompetent and/or negligent, on the one hand, or, deliberately mishandled and therefore willfully fraudulently mishandled by SSA officials on the other hand.
For me, the result is the same and, in either case, it is a wrong that can be corrected by intervention of your office, which I, hereby, respectfully request.
Looking forward to your prompt attention to this matter and a successful resolution of this ongoing issue, I remain,
Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr.
dob: 11-25-1957
Registered to vote in Mississippi at
178CR 1389
Saltillo, MS 38866

PS: A paste of the information from the SSA website about my case follows:

Application Status Information

The following statements are informational only. They are current as of today. You will receive the official notice of any decision made on your claim by U.S. mail.
As of today’s date, a decision has not been made on your application. We requested that you send the following documents to the office that is processing your application:
Medical information needed for your reconsideration request (Form SSA-3441). We requested this document on 08/17/2016.
Your application is being processed. You may bring or mail your original documents to your local Social Security Office.
We will return any documents that you send us.
If you need more information, you may call us toll-free at 1-800-772-1213(TTY 1-800-325-0778). SSA representatives are available Monday through Friday between 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.

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Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr.

to trent.kellyted.manesselizabeth.parkstara.gaddiseliza.swishercharles.woodscamille.walkerwhitney.porterpaul.howellmichael.patter.jim.owenwilly.weddlebrent.thompson
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Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr.

to PaulSheliaBryanFrancesco|FBUFBUacsbucharestKaren

Can you people please explain why the SSA website now says that I have to mail my "medical release of information" form to a Washington DC address, after I sent it to the place they told me to as recently as September 16?

It has been about 2 weeks sent I sent the requested information, by mail to the Baltimore address referenced in the attached e-mail. To my amazement, the SSA website NOW shows the following for a correct address:


I regard this as procedural "mickey mouse" of the highest order. It is hard enough to get mail from Romania to the States in anything approximating  a timely manner. This latest change of requirements will set me back at least 2 weeks if it's for real.

You guys are hanging me up over a document that does not cover any new information (as there is no new medical information to be had in my case) and which was already provided, several times now, during the course of this most recent re-application for benefits.

Please tell me that this is some kind of misunderstanding on your part and fix this right away. Otherwise, you force me to go to a lot of trouble over nothing.

I will send this document, again and to this address, if I must, but give me a break. Nobody looking at a cold record about all this is going to see the SSA behavior as "reasonable" if this is an actual requirement.

As a minimum, all this is going to make for interesting reading in my blog. It's either going to point-out that something is radically wrong with how SSA does business or that my particular Congressman is getting the "diss" for some as yet unknown reason, or that perhaps it's just personal. I don't care which. I just want it fixed. Please help me.


Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr.
dob: 11-25-1957

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Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr.

AttachmentsFeb 16 (6 days ago)
to FrancescoSheliaCc:|FBUKarenFBUacsbucharest
Dear Sir,

This will serve to acknowledge and thank you for your email response to me  on the subject of my need to file an appeal of an adverse decision on my request for Disability Benefits.

Before you ask someone to contact me, I would respectfully request that you find out who contacted me last time (just a couple pf months ago) and ask that person to explain why, exactly, all that information we exchanged and the information release form (which he acknowledged was in his possession), became the basis for the denial of my benefits. Specifically, the denial letter plainly states that the reason(s) for the denial include either (1) not providing the release form (which this mystery man in Naples said he had from me by way of both the Baltimore address and the Diplomatic drop address in Washington DC) or my medical information (which I was questioned about, at length, by this same man..I gave him addresses and phone numbers for the medical and psychological professionals who compiled the reports in question while they were in the employ of the U.S. Justice Department, federal Bureau of Prisons, between 2011 and 2012).

I would also respectfully request, under the Freedom of Information Act, a full and complete copy of the physical and other examinations conducted under the auspices of the US Embassy at Bucharest, during the summer of 2016. I am willing to reimburse the government for the expense of copying these documents, reports, and X-Ray photos, which clearly document the disabilities that Dr. Liviu Andrian found with BOTH my shoulders during the orthopedic portion of the 2 day examinations, made for the Social Security Administration.
For the record, I tried to get a copy of this information, directly, from the doctor in August of 2016, but he never responded.

Again, thank you for saying that you will help me with this appeal. It is my sincere hope that, this time, all the documents, x-rays, release forms, et cetera, finally get into one package and get my request for Disability Benefits approved.

By this email, I also respectfully request a hearing on this matter before an Administrative Law Judge, who is also authorized to conduct and compel "discovery" and otherwise compel the production of documents already in the possession of the Federal government.

Of course, if you are authorized to remedy the adverse decision which is the basis for this appeal, then I will thank you for your prompt action in this regard, since, plainly, the decision under appeal is ERRONEOUS AS A MATTER OF FACT and is, otherwise, ARBITRARY, CAPRICIOUS AND UNREASONABLE, given the clear fact/circumstances of my case.

In any event, thank you for attending to this matter.

Here is a paste of the request I sent the Orthopedic Surgeon at the time:

Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr. <>

Dear Doctor,

My name is Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr., a U.S, citizen whom you examined on behalf of the U.S. Embassy and the U.S. Social Security Administration on or about June 15, 2016 at the Bio-Medica Clinic in Bucharest.

You may recall that I was present with my wife, a Romanian National, and that you found some screws and large staples in my left shoulder, which you documented with several x-rays. You mentioned that a complete, artificial replacement shoulder would be needed to deal with the left shoulder condition. I also had right shoulder issues, which we discussed as also possibly having a surgical remedy.

After our meeting and your evaluation, my wife and I were left with the impression that you considered my orthopedic condition (left and right shoulder issues) to be disabling and not permitting me to function in a working environment. I believe that you wrote a report to that effect and submitted it to those who had requested the evaluation.

I am writing to you today in order to request a copy of the written material which you presented to the Bio-Medica Clinic and to the American authorities, who had made the original request. As the information pertains, directly, to me, I feel and that I am entitled to ask for this information and copies of these documents from you.

The reason I am asking for a copy is that the U.S. Social Security Administration is claiming that they relied on your findings in order to claim that I AM NOT DISABLED.

It is my opinion that, if your report accurately reflects what you told my wife and me in the office that day, that it will clearly state that, at least from an Orthopedic standpoint, I AM disabled.

I am willing to pay reasonable costs for reproduction and shipping of these documents to me. I further request that, if possible, you scan them, electronically and attach them in an e-mail to me so that I may attach them to my timely appeal of the decision I just got from the Social Security Administration. I have just about 30 days remain in which to appeal and submit any supporting documentation.

Please let me know what else, if anything, that I must do in order to get from you what I have requested.

I very much appreciate your time and prompt attention to this matter.

Most Respectfully,

Thomas Lowell Ketchum, Jr.
Buzau, Romania
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Sunday, 15 January 2017

Epiphany: Treason and Trump

Please go follow this link to my petition at and sign my online petition.

Epiphany: Treason and Trump

Article III, Section 3 Constitution of the United States states, in pertinent part, “Treason against the United States shall consist only in levying War against them, or in adhering to their Enemies, giving them Aid and Comfort..”

Both Houses of Congress should pass a “Joint Resolution” on the subject of the cyber attacks by Russia and other nations against the United States which makes clear, both to our adversaries and to the incoming Administration, the seriousness with which Congress views, and is prepared to take action over this issue.

Suggested language is as follows:

“The Russian Federation, by it's behavior, by, through, and on behalf of it's leader, Vladimir Putin, is now an “Enemy” of the United States, within the meaning of Article III, Section 3 of the Constitution of the United States”.

In passing this resolution, it should be made clear to the world that Russia and the United States are not at War, nor is this a declaration of such. It should also be made clear that the Russian Federation is not the ONLY “Enemy” of the United States, at this moment. It is just the only one named here and now for the sake of clarity.

The incoming Administration (and anyone who may decide to act in violation of any sanctions imposed by Congress) should be advised that any such behavior will now constitute “Treason against the United States” and is subject to prosecution as such, whether by Criminal prosecution or impeachment, or other removal from office, or both, depending on the position, if any, of the person or persons who may violate any existing or future sanctions against an “Enemy” of the United States.  

Saturday, 12 November 2016

President Obama Still Has A Role To Play In Quelling This Massive Civil Unrest About The Election Results - Here Are Some Ideas

Dear Mr. President,

As you know, our country is deeply divided over a number of issues, resulting, at least in-part, from the election of Donald Trump to succeed you on January 20, 2017.

I respectfully suggest that you still have the power to act, using your executive authority to remove several items of contention from consideration by all sides.

I am suggesting that you use your pardon authority, which cannot be overturned by some new executive order by the next President on his first day in office. Believe me, you STILL HAVE TIME TO BE RELEVANT.

First: Millions of undocumented people in the United States are properly worried about deportation, even though they otherwise work hard, pay taxes, obey all other laws incumbent on people who reside in the United States. Mr. Trump has promised they those who “entered illegally” will be deported because, in his words, “they broke the law”. My first suggestion is that you issue a limited pardon, pardoning ONLY the crime of “illegal entry” into the United States or of “overstaying a visa” and do so for anyone who can prove that they entered the United States (or overstayed their visa) PRIOR to the date of any such pardon. Do not pardon anything else that these people may have done. If you do this, you defuse the angst of angry Latinos (and others) who are, at present, terrified of what may be about to happen to them or their loved ones who are, otherwise, law-abiding people. This will NOT make them citizens, or even legalise their status, but, in removing this single legal impediment to their futures, you give the next Congress a chance to deal with immigration reform and let those who now live in fear relax enough to keep the USA out of civil war.

Second: Pardon Hillary Clinton and Bill Clinton. You can easily say that you don't think they did anything wrong, but you remove the circus from public discourse and force the new President and Congress to “move on” to more pressing matters for the country.

Finally: You can still do something about criminal justice reform (and minority employment) by taking the following actions:

  1. For any convicted Federal felon who is already released and has served their time for non-violent, non-sexual offences, a grant a full pardon and sign an executive order, EXPUNGING THEIR CRIMINAL RECORDS FROM N.C.I.C. AND ALL OTHER DATABASES containing criminal records data.
  2. For anyone Federal felon, convicted of a non-violent, non-sexual offence, commute their sentences, but leave their criminal records in place.

As I have described, these are Executive Actions, which you may take with immediate effect.
If you think you cannot do this, then remember that the governor of Virginia recently restored the voting rights of over 20,000 convicted felons in his state and used “auto-scribe” to do this.

One more thing: Your wife will win if she runs in 2020 and, if you pardon all those people I mentioned above, then you will have that many more people to support her.

It's just an idea.

Anyway, all the best to you and yours and thank you for your service to our country.